About HireHonest

You deserve to know who you employ.

Employers need a well-rounded view of the candidate before making a successful employment decision. Part of this is the interview, however, 53% of applicant’s provide falsified information on their resumes and applications. HireHonest provides an in-depth background check to empower the employer with a better view into their potential hire. 

HireHonest was established in 1989 when the C.E.O., William Welliver, saw the need for background and screening. Very few background and screening capabilities were available for retailers and William went above and beyond to fill this niche. William was working closely with his colleagues in the retail industry and they soon became HireHonest’s first clients. They immediately saw an increase in efficiency and a decrease in inventory shrinkage, turnover and training costs. The results were so illuminating that, through word of mouth, our company steadily grew amongst many of the world’s industries.

We pride ourselves with our focus on quick and accurate results as well as our unparalleled customer service. Any time, day or night, our clients are able to reach out to our offices, our Chief Executive Officer, or our Executive Vice President.  Our turnaround time on 85% of background requests are returned same day and the other 15% are returned within 36 hours of request. This turnaround time separates and distinguishes us from the rest of the background and screening industry. This has earned the loyalty of many major companies, domestically and internationally.

Members of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).