Why HireHonest?

Finding the perfect background screening company for your business can be a daunting and irritating task. There are numerous vendors in this field claiming they can meet all of your needs. How are we different? We are the only screening company in the industry that is fully customized to each individual business.

We are the only fully customized screening company in the industry. We offer more services than any other company and will allow our clients to pick and choose, which services should be in their packages. We will guide our clients through the process and advise them which services should be included for the industry they are in.

We offer the lowest prices in the industry. If you’re background screening company is costing you a fortune, request a quote from us. We can beat anyone’s prices by a minimum of 10%.

Our turnaround times are the most impressive in our industry. We can turnaround 85% of our orders same day and the remaining 15% are returned within 36 hours. Due to our partnership with American Driving Records, our DMV reports can be returned within 4 hours of a request. We are also partnered with Transunion and can now process and return credit reports within 4 hours of a request.