Corporate Sustainability

Welliver & Associates recognizes the impact our industry has on the environment. Through innovation and technology we have designed our systems to eliminate paper from what was once a very paper-heavy industry. Everyday we strive to reduce our carbon footprint; below are some of our responsible practices.

  • We have eliminated any and all paper usage by using iPads and secured storage through our servers. We once used over 150,000 reams of paper a year, and now with the use of iPads and our programmed systems, we use no more than 2 reams of paper a year.
  • We use an electronic fax, which forwards any faxes to a designated email. It also allows us to fax back documents from the same designated email. A fax is never printed, and therefore no paper wasted.
  • Lights and computers are on a timer. There will be an automatic shut down of the lights or computers in an area if there is no activity within half an hour.
  • Our electronics are recycled and replaced through the Apple store.
  • Phone investigations are used as a primary tool to reduce travel costs.
  • Recycle bins are placed in our office for any paper products and plastic products to make recycling effortless by our employees.
  • Each employee has their own coffee mug as well as water cup to eliminate the need for disposable cups.