Background Screening

We offer services for pre-employment as well as post hire. Through consulting with our clients, we establish which of the services listed below are recommended for their industry and their needs. We strongly recommend pre-employment screening to establish you are hiring an employee that will prove to be beneficial rather than a detriment.

Criminal Record Searches

Criminal records are the most common form of pre-employment screening. These records are the most revealing and the most useful. As an example, more than $14.4 billion was lost in 2009 in the retail industry. Performing background checks will eliminate candidates who have prior theft related crimes, and thus reducing the amount lost per year. This is of course one example. Criminal background checks can reduce theft and violence, among many other aspects that threaten companies.

Civil Record Searches

Civil records can be used for a multitude of reasons. The most common is when someone is hiring an applicant to work closely with or handle the company finances. In these instances, an employment credit check as well as a federal bankruptcy search would be conducted to ensure applicant is financially stable.

Post-Hire Screening

Once you have hired an applicant, you need to verify their identity. To be assured that your applicant is who they say they are, E-Verfiy is highly recommended. We perform this service so you can be sure you know who you are hiring. We offer a comprehensive solution to manage the entire lifecycle of your I-9 process – from form intake to validation, audit, remediation, data migration, storage and extensive remote hire support.